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Renwick is a unique real estate development company with a unique process for the envisioning of projects and of future value. We do things differently and it shows. 


We seek to truly understand the needs of the people we are building for and then, with this understanding, spend tremendous time piecing together the concepts that will guide our developments. We place a considerable emphasis on the creative application of new ideas, new materials and new technologies that can ultimately produce better results over the long term. We put the client at the centre of the process striving to ensure that things start and end with who will actually be using the spaces and how.


Design is central to this progression. The ability to address the challenges of any set of circumstances in a manner that is more applicable, and longer lasting - All being unified with meaningful, artful, and appealing design - at every level.


We are dedicated to our craft and stand behind our work. It is an obligation. A non-negotiable commitment to the long term. It is the difference between addressing needs and effecting change and, therefore represents our emphasis on the community and not just the project or the bottom line.


For us, what matters most is you, the people who ask for better developments and help to make them happen. The people who, collectively, communicate, in whatever manner possible, the need for positive change. The architects, the designers, the engineers, the artists, the musicians, everybody who strives to better situations rather than conform to them.


Development is a responsibility. Click here to learn more about Renwick and how we are making a difference.


development is a process that must affect long term change












showcase development currently

in progress


Westmount, Quebec

September 2019 (currently in sales)


A unique approach to single family living, one that compliments the rich texture and dynamic nature of the Victoria Village. Albert Square represents the perfect marriage of traditional architecture and modern sophistication that creatively combines the intimacy of a traditional single family dwelling with condo like accessibility.

  • private indoor garage parking

  • private gardens and terraces

  • exceptional European finishing and appliances

  • ceiling heights between 9' & 11'

  • private elevators with direct in-unit access

  • energy recovery HVAC systems & home automation


Project cost - $12.5 Million 

Projected construction launch -  Fall 2019

Projected Delivery - December 2020

Full project details 


from the community to the project to the individual, our landscape is dynamic and ever evolving

ALBERT SQUARE - Town of Westmount approved!

Ashlee Wismach, August 2019

After nearly 2 years of pre-development planning, Albert Square emerges on to the scene with outstanding support from the Town of Westmount. 

A few iterations later, this final & approved architectural design is set and will fit harmoniously within the current fabric of Westmounts' elegance.

Joseph Montanaro, Real Estate Broker and resident to the town himself, joins the development team to help bring these six Contemporary Town Homes & two Grand Town Homes, in to the hands of future proprietors.

"We are so so thrilled to have this project finally launch", Noam Schnitzer, Founder of Renwick Development proclaims. "It has been a slow yet steady road to get this project approved, but together with Town Council, we have created a project I am so very proud of". 

Contact Joseph Montanaro at for further details and for reservation inquiries. Project is expected to start construction in late Fall 2019, with a delivery in December 2020. 


Ashlee Wismach, Updated | June 2019



Artistic expression, in every form, is essential to modern society and can have  profound impact on our endeavors, our pursuits and our lives.

Recognizing the synergy between the two groups, MassivArt, Atelier Creatif and Renwick have begun a landmark effort toward the realizing of the Atelier des Artistes facility.


With an objective of creating a collaborative work space, designed specifically for artists, this 22,000 sq.ft. development will house 65 individual atelier studios,  a creativity lab and an exposition space -  this facility will allow the artists and their work to be more involved in both cultural and community domains and be of greater accessibility to groups of diverse disciplines. Further,, Renwick is committed to adding an additional 7,500 sq.ft. event space to the overall project.


Given the significance of the overall project and its relevance to the fabric of Saint-Henri life, Atelier des Artistes will be an part of the Canada Malting Redevelopment!

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