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Given that no development truly stands alone, the absolute importance of the community as a whole must be considered as having integral significance with respect to the planning of any project. As each building forms an immediate and important relationship with its surroundings, how this relationship is managed over the long term is of great importance.


How buildings relate to their neighbours, how they compliment or detract from the architecture of the surroundings, the type of spaces they create or are created by them, even the shadows they cast are important elements of the reciprocal union to be created between the community, its people and any new development.

Conceived as a reply to the need for homes that respond to the demands of today's urban lifestyles, Albert Square represents the careful union of timeless architecture and modern interiors with a distinct focus on durability, energy efficiency and long term beauty. Designed to be the ideal canvas for life as it truly is, the homes at Albert Square will flexibly respond to a wide range of needs whether for the individual or the family.


• The respectful redevelopment of an under-utilized site that exists primarily as a negative asphalted space within the heritage landscape of the Victoria Village;

• The redevelopment of the existing building at 4898 De Maisonneuve for the creation of 6  unique 2 storey family oriented town homes;
• The creation of 2 architecturally significant classic Grand Town homes;
• The addressing of the negative impact surface parking has had on the surroundings by developing a common indoor garage of 17 stalls that would address the requirements of the future residents and may provide options for some of the neighbouring properties. 
• The provision of an underground connection to the garage beneath 35 York - eliminating the need for any paved surface lane between the two properties;
• The provision of meaningful private gardens, green spaces, terraces and  a common tree garden.
• The greening of the surrounding perimeter including the planting of trees within the pubic domain along De Maisonneuve;


  • 6 CONTEMPORARY TOWN HOMES ranging between 2 200 sq.ft. & 2 800 sq.ft.

  • 2 GRAND TOWN HOMES each of 3 700 sq.ft. &, 4 300 sq.ft.

  • Exceptional European modern finishing

  • Ceiling heights between 9’ & 12’

  • Private in-unit elevator access

  • Private gardens & terraces

  • Private indoor parking

  • Energy recovery hvac systems

  • Home automation

Project to include, storage, bike lock-up, pet washing station and car charging.

Project cost - $12 Million 

Projected construction launch -  End of Fall 2019

Projected Delivery - December 2020

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