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about us

about us.

Renwick is a Real Estate Development company based in Montreal, Canada. Formed in 2004, Renwick focuses on the restoration and preservation of heritage architecture, the creation of unique lifestyle oriented end-user projects both residential and commercial, the development of communities and the promotion of sustainable design. 

careers at renwick

careers at Renwick.

Renwick is constantly looking for talent.


If you are motivated, love real estate, understand the meaning of architecture and design and want to make a difference, send us your CV. We are not currently hiring, however, as projects advance, positions will need to be filled. Feel free to contact us for more on what we look for and how you might be a perfect fit for our team.


frequently asked questions.

How do I buy a property?


Buying a property can be very daunting, even if you are an experienced purchaser who has done this before. There are many factors to consider such as the budget you have available, the way you live, what your needs are, where you need to be, and how you plan on using your space. With this in mind, there are several key things you should do to best prepare yourself:


  • Make a list of what your minimum criterias are. Once you have this, expand your list to include everything you want. Think about how you live now, what you would want to improve on and what compromises you are willing to make;

  • Determine your budget, including all the costs associated to ownership and not just what it will take to make this purchase;

  • Identify your lifestyle and determine in what ways your lifestyle will guide your selection of suitable options. Where you work, the schools your children go to, where you and your family spend your free time, the places you like to go, where you shop for food - basically everything that makes you and your family who you are;

  • Think about how design can affect the performance of the space you are looking for - not just the exterior architecture or the layout of the rooms but right down to the materials used to put it all together;

  • Do as much research as possible. Read the paper, visit as many projects as possible and make a list of those that fit best with your criteria;

  • Ask lots of questions - drive the process - do not let information be presented to you but demand to get the details you need to make the most informed decisions possible.

What is more important, budget or lifestyle?


This is becoming a more common question. The answer is, both are equally important. While your budget will ultimately determine what you can buy, your lifestyle will completely determine what you should buy. Often overlooked, lifestyle is perhaps one of the most relevant criteria to consider in selecting suitable options. True, your budget would definitely be extended purchasing in the suburbs, if you work downtown, love to bike the carriage trail on the mountain, spend your free time at the Old Port and often get together with your friends who live in the city, ask yourself if doing that would make sense.

How do I best evaluate my options?


Price and lifestyle are good places to start but to be sure that you make the best possible decision, looking more closely at the details will be essential. Well built does not necessarily mean well made. Design is key and having identified the options that suit your criteria best, it will be the design of the spaces themselves that will determine which one is the right choice. How the spaces communicate with one another, the choice of materials, the height of the ceilings, the size of the windows, the choices made toward supporting environmental conservation, and how the whole will perform over the long term are among the most important things to consider.



The environment is of prime importance to us. We do everything we can to help protect our most meaningful asset - our planet. Our operational processes, much like the design of our projects, focus on employing every measure possible to reduce energy consumption, limit waste, and be mindful of the legacy we leave to our children.

terms & conditions

terms & conditions.

The contents of our website, and the site as a whole, are intended solely for professional promotion of Renwick Development. You may not reproduce, publish, transmit, distribute, display, modify, in whole or in part, any of the contents of this site.

privacy policy

privacy policy.

Your privacy is important to us. At Renwick we have a few fundamental principles:


  • We don’t ask for personal information

  • We don’t share user information with anyone except to comply with the law, develop our concepts, or protect our rights.

  • We don’t store user information of any kind

  • Information collected during any focus group study or market review that you participated in would be done with your consent and would be anonymous and used solely for the purpose of creating the concepts that drive our developments

  • Our email newsletters are only distributed to individuals whom have agreed or requested to be part of our mailing lists. 

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