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While we may not realize it, our community has reached a critical threshold.

Our members are aging. Our seniors now represent nearly 35% of our entire Montreal population - the highest of any community - in any city - in all of Canada. Although many of us have become acutely aware of this fact, what most are not familiar with is that a growing number of our seniors are without the financial means necessary to support their daily needs. 20% of which are living below the poverty line. A number that is, most unfortunately, again the highest for any population in the country.


For these individuals life is very difficult, even more so when they are among the frail.


With the responsibility of providing essential services being progressively offloaded from governmental institutions onto community organizations, the onus of caring for these individuals in the twilight of their lives, rests with us all. It is for this reason that a new approach to the providing of specialized social services is needed. 

2018-10-05_Château BNaï Brith - Volet II
2018-10-05_Château BNaï Brith - Volet II


Recognizing the demand for a more specific support system, one that can cater to the unique needs of our seniors, B’NAI BRITH has redefined the concept of autonomous senior residences. The goal being to provide our aging population, specifically those who can no longer afford the cost of living, with a communal multi-resident content rich alternative that has been conceptualized specifically for their needs.


This unique concept - aimed at addressing today's community based needs in a manner that will allow for long term relevance – has been designed specifically so as to reduce energy consumption, operating costs and the impact on the environment. The benefits to the individuals residing within and the community at large will be recognized for years to come.

2018-10-05_Château BNaï Brith - Volet II
2018-10-05_Château BNaï Brith - Volet II
2018-10-05_Château BNaï Brith - Volet II


Given the main objective of providing a rich content based environment within which the seniors housed at CHÂTEAU B’NAI BRITH will thrive, the design of this 7 storey facility centers around the common ground floor pavilion. This bright, airy, glass walled space will encompass a large entry hall, several multi-function rooms that will allow for the provision of diverse programming such as lectures, theatre, games etc., the elevator lobby, and an expansive dining hall.


As the integration of this facility within the surrounding exterior space is of prime importance, mainly so as to increase the accessibility our seniors will have to the outdoors, the dining hall will connect directly with a large terrace garden area at the rear of the property. Moreover, with the height of the windows at this level, the outdoor garden will also form a large part of the indoor experience regardless of the season.


The 6 residential levels above will house 129 individual apartment units comprised of both 1 and 2 bedroom sizes. While these units will provide for all the typical elements of daily life, in a manner quite different from other developments of this type, CHÂTEAU B’NAI BRITH will have high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows. This unique design element will greatly improve upon the standards applicable to affordable residences. Our units will be brighter, more comfortable, more livable, and most importantly, more enjoyable. Following with the concept of increasing the accessibility all residents will have to the outdoors, each unit will provide access to private loggia space. Unlike projected balconies, these mini terraces are recessed within the structure of the building and therefore are more protected, safer and more inviting.


Over and above the architecture of CHÂTEAU B’NAI BRITH and in addition to the long term relevance that our design will have, this facility will make use of the most durable materials that require the least possible amount of maintenance. With eco based initiatives for the management of energy and the incorporation of supplemental energy compliments CHÂTEAUB’NAI BRITH will change the way affordable residences are developed and how social services will be provided for years to come.


By virtue of the exceptional programming offered as well as the nourishing meals and our ongoing attention to the security and well-being of our residents, the atmosphere at CHÂTEAU B’NAI BRITH will be one of family, of home and warmth and will enhance the lives of all the seniors it will house. Moreover, this approach will also enhance the entire community by expanding on the foundation for the support, enrichment, and involvement of  all our seniors.


Layout : L-shaped orientation with:

  • 1 common RDC level possessing a large lobby space, multifunction activity room, large dining hall, kitchen facilities, loading dock, bathrooms, lounge space, garden access and administration

  • 6 residential levels each with 21 units between 647 sq. ft and 817 sq. ft in size, = 126 units in total

  • Underground parking facility with 43 total stalls including storage spaces and mechanical spaces


Mechanical & energy efficiency : integration of building systems for the control of energy use

  • Thermal rated aluminum / aluminum double pane low e argon gas fenestration (operable and fixed) with energy efficiency rated seals for all openings (same fenestration as above) - stc 40db

  • Led lighting throughout facility - both within common areas and within units

  • Garden landscaping to include tree cluster plantings at multiple locations so as to provide shading in strategic locations (same plantings as shown).

  • ​Full sprinkler coverage and dedicated 24hr fire alarm and building systems monitoring 


Railway proximity mitigating components : dynamic design inclusive of:

  • Landscaped berm  with gentle slope to 8’ height (facing residences and rail lines) inclusive of crash wall extending 3’ above and plantings along the rise the full length of the property

  • Garden landscaping to include tree cluster plantings at multiple locations so as to form a privacy barrier and provide sound attenuation

  • Sound attenuation rated aluminum / aluminum double pane thermal low e argon gas fenestration (operable and fixed) with sound attenuating seals for all openings

  • Sound attenuation rated aluminum / aluminum fenestration exterior doors with with sound attenuating seals for all openings

  • Protected emergency exit and evacuation through to the c.s.l. shopping centre parking lot and Cote Saint-Luc road

Project cost - $26.5 Million 

Projected Completed - October 2019

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